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Basic Tips for Trio Floor Sander

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Fitting Discs

  • Switch off sander and unplug from the electrical supply.
  • Tilt sander back onto rear support.
  • If used sanding disc is already in place, hold metal sanding disc and green/red foam Velcro backing pad.
  • Carefully peel used sanding disc off Velcro backing pad. Red/green Velcro backing pad must remain in place on metal sanding pad. Replace used disc with new disc as required.

WARNING! Make sure sanding discs are located centrally on the red/green Velcro backing pad.

WARNING! Make sure red/green Velcro backing pad remains securely fixed on metal sanding pad.

Securing/Emptying Dust-Bag

  • Switch off sander.
  • Unclip and open the Perspex dust chamber.
  • Undo multiclip and remove dust-bag.
  • Empty dust-bag.
  • Replace dust-bag into Perspex dust chamber, making sure that the bag is completely in place over exhaust.
  • Tighten multiclip and close dust chamber.

WARNING! Always wear respiratory protection when emptying sander dust-bag.
WARNING! Empty sander dust-bag when 1/4 full.
WARNING! Empty sanding dust into fire proof container and store outside.

 Switching Sander On & Off

  • Whilst holding machine sanding grip securely, tilt machine back slightly backwards, lifting sanding pads off floor.
  • Whilst machine is tilted backwards, turn on machine by pushing green button.
  • Gently lower machine to the floor and begin sanding.
  • To turn machine off, push red button.

 Sanding Technique

If the machinery does not sand smoothly, call the office immediately. You are responsible for all damage to hire machines.

  • The Trio Sander is for finishing and polishing ONLY, it is not for cutting. For cutting work, use the belt sander first.
  • To finish a floor to a professional standard, start with 80 grit.
  • For most wooden floors, sanding with a TRIO at 100grit will be sufficient as a final finish.
  • 100 grit finish on a Trio is equivalent to 180grit finish on a belt sander.
  • Once machine is running, lower it onto floor and begin sanding.
  • Do not force machine or lift wheels off the floor. Allow machine to move and roll freely over the wood.
  • Trio sanding is unidirectional. You can sand in any direction.
  • Regularly check & tighten the black twist nuts holding the yellow sanding apparatus to the frame.

WARNING! Do not try and sand uneven wooden surfaces with the Trio.
WARNING! Do not force the Trio to sand more deeply by lifting wheels.
WARNING! Check filter light regularly and clean as necessary.

 Cleaning  Dust Filter

  • If red light on/off power switch comes on, you must clean the sanding filter.
  • To clean filter, stop sanding and switch machine off.
  • Tilt machine back onto frame and hold securely.
  • Make sure area of sanding discs is clear and safe.
  • Whilst holding machine firmly with one hand, turn on Trio.
  • Continuing to firmly hold the Trio, grasp the metal wing nut on top of the dust chamber. The wing nut is connected to filter cleaner.
  • Pull wing nut/filter cleaner up and twist simultaneously. Push the cleaning mechanism down and twist simultaneously. Repeat 6-9 times until light goes out.
  • Whilst holding machine firmly with one hand, turn off Trio.
  • Gently lower Trio to floor.
  • Restart Trio and continue sanding.

WARNING! If red light does not go out, please contact the office.

Tips for Sanding & Machine Usage

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wooden floor sanding Cheltenham

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