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Wooden Floor Sanding - Protect
Find out how to protect your wooden floor

when you have just had your floor restored, the first thing on your mind should be "how do I keep it looking this good for years to come?"

Here are some tips and advice so you can protect your floor.

protect from sunlight:

Very much like human skin, wood surfaces are affected by heat and ultraviolet light. This causes wood to change colour or develop an undesirable patina.

You need to stay away from continued and direct sunlight exposure. To do this its recommend that you regularly move your area rugs and any furniture you may have in the sunlight exposed areas. This is done so that your flooring can age evenly throughout the years.

Before leaving your house, be sure to close blinds or shades. This will protect your floor from direct sunlight as well as leaving your house cooler when you return home.

Protect from scratches:

Apart from spot-treating scratches, caring for wood floors with traffic is mostly about prevention.

Keep shoes, boots and heels on a wooden floor to a minimum as these are serious surface scratchers. Also pets with long nails can cause scratches, to avoid this make sure pets nails are trimmed regularly.

Door mats and stairway runners are good ways to protect wooden floors from scratches high-traffic.

Keep looking shiny:

There are loads of different suggestions and ways on how to clean your wooden floor. Here at Professional Floor Sanding we suggest water and vinegar sprayed on a sponge mop. It will clean your floor well while protect the finish.

To make it shiny we suggest more natural product instead of the waxed based cleaners. the naturals prod cuts could be olive oil for example. This will give you floor a healthy break from the waxy products.

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