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How To Sand A Floor
Find out how to sand a wooden floor

Step 1:

Firstly, clear everything from the room that you are sanding so the floor is clear. It is important to have the floor well ventilated, to do this open all windows. Ensure you are wearing the correct breathing apparatus and clothing for the task.

Step 2:

clear floor from all hazards removed e.g nails. You can knock nails through the surface using a hammer for example.

Step 3:

clean the wooden floor well before you start sanding. Give the floor a good sweep and vacuuming.

Step 4:

Read the manual of the floor sander before starting any work, then set up the sander accordingly.

Step 5:

Position the floor sander against one wall,  with over half of the remaining floor in front of you. Tilting the sanding drum upwards, you slowly start to move forwards with the machine. Gradually lower the sanding drum onto the wood floor. **be sure to follow the grain**

Step 6:

Keep moving forward at a slow pace. When you reach the end of the room, lift the drum off the floor and turn around, ready to repeat the same procedure over the same area of flooring.

Step 7:

When you have done 1 pass, reposition the sander around 7 or 8cm across from the first area and repeat the process. **go over each pass evenly and carefully**

Step 8:

turn off the belt sander. now it's time to start neatening up the corners and small areas not reached by the drum sander. To do this you need to use an edge sander. To blend the two areas together, use a semi-circular motion with the edge sander as you work towards the corners of the room.

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